The Damages That Moisture Can Cause to Your Foundation

When homeowners think of moisture and water damage, they may think it comes mostly from storms and excessive raining.  Just because it isn’t coming through the roof or a visible spot doesn’t mean the water/moisture isn’t causing any damage to your home. Just because your foundation may be partly in the ground doesn’t mean it is not harboring moisture or water that can cause damage to the foundation.

There are several things that can happen in your home that will show you indications of whether you have foundation moisture damage in your home. The first way is pressure on the foundation, with which the accumulation of water in the ground and under your home can cause problems. This pressure can cause several types of cracks inside or on the outside of your home, showing that there may have been a shift or something different happening with your foundation.  The second way is from tree roots growing around or under your foundation.  Trees can be helpful and not helpful at the same time.  Whereas the tree roots will remove any water they can reach, if the tree is only on one side of the home, it will only be beneficial on that side of the home, which in turn can cause the home to lean because that one particular side settled further than the other side.

The damage can also be structural or non-structural, which can make a difference. Non-structural damage is caused by a small amount of water seeping through an area in the foundation, or cracks, or gaps in joints.  Structural damage is caused by prolonged time periods where water is causing damage and has caused a shift of the home under its own weight.

If you are seeing any of the signs and symptoms in your home.  If you have sagging floors or cracks in your walls or foundation, give KC’s Improvement & Construction Co., Inc. a call, so we can have an estimator come and check to see if you have an foundation issues due to water and moisture damage.