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Why move, when you can improve? Whether you’re expanding your home to accommodate new family members, increasing its value for resale, or simply renovating to improve your quality of life, KC’s Improvement & Construction Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of general contractor construction options for your home.


Kitchen remodel options include custom cabinetry, new countertops, additional sinks, improved flooring, relocated or new appliances, tile flooring or backsplashes, additional windows, new paint, and upgraded lighting. In addition to renovations, we can also provide a totally new design that suits your exact specifications. Read More.


Whether your household has expanded faster than your bathrooms have, or you would like to increase the value of your home, a new bathroom is an excellent way to go. If you don’t have the space or budget for a bathroom addition or renovation, there are a wide variety of bathroom remodel options available, such as custom-built vanities, linen closets, new showers, larger bathtubs, additional windows, improved lighting, and additional fixtures. Read More.


Basic amenities such as carpeting, drywall, trim, and paint can transform a basement into a comfortable area similar to any other room in the house. Proper lighting and heating can make the space cozy and warm, while additions such as bathrooms and windows can further accentuate the space. A bar or kitchenette can make your basement an ideal hangout spot for teenagers, kids, or the whole family. 


A deck offers a great place to grill, entertain, and relax on warm summer days. When designing your ideal deck, be sure to consider factors such size, baluster type, and materials. While the vast majority of homeowners choose to build their decks out of pressure-treated wood, you might choose to use plastic decking material, which is 100% stain-resistant, or a composite material which offers benefits of both.  Read More.


A sunroom, sometimes referred to as a solarium, sun porch, or garden room, is a room that allows you to enjoy the surrounding landscape while staying sheltered from the weather. Designed to collect warmth and light, these rooms can be a wonderful oasis in your house during the cold winter months. An ideally constructed sunroom will have many windows and appropriate climate control to keep it cool in the summer. Frosted glass can be added to provide privacy, and coated glass can help to reduce the heat build-up during warm months. Read More.

Garages & Carports

A garage can provide safety and security for your vehicle as well as protection from the elements. An attached garage enables you to travel from car to house without enduring any of those elements yourself, while a detached garage may be better suited to your home’s layout. Additional options include windows, electrical wiring, and doors. While less secure than a garage, a carport will also protect your car from the elements for a much lower cost.  Read More.

Single-Story Home Additions

A single-story addition is another effective way to expand your living space. Any new room can be created, from living rooms and bedrooms to sunrooms and studios. Existing walls can be opened up and renovated, or a completely new room can be created. A basic home addition includes tie-ins to the existing home, as well as minimal electrical and structural work. A multi-room addition may include a full concrete foundation, bathroom, closet, flooring, and siding.

Two-Story Home Additions

Instead of simply expanding one story, you might want to expand over both the ground and the second floor. This is one of the most drastic and expensive renovations you can undertake, but it is often more cost-effective than moving. Two-story home additions are perfect for accommodating a family that has grown a great deal in the past few years. For families with elderly or disabled relatives, a two-story addition linked to the original house can provide a space that is separate, but still easily accessible whenever you need to provide assistance. Whatever your needs, we will be happy to discuss potential options with you.


Not only is an attic a great way to put extra space to use, it is also more cost-effective than adding another level or addition. Unlike basements, attics are free of loud appliances, such as furnaces, and tend to be sunnier and warmer. They can be converted into spare bedrooms, home offices, TV rooms, or studios. A skylight installation can expand the space, and a dormer-style window can provide more light.

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