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3 Styles That Can Make Your New Sunroom Pop

sunroomsSunrooms are often some of the most lively spaces in your average home, shedding some light on the valuable items and people that occupy them. It’s very easy for one to simply sit back and use this room to truly escape from daily travails. With this in mind, sunrooms should be designed as a refuge for both friends and family – a warm and inviting place to just relax. If you’re considering the possibility of adding a sunroom to your home, here are three sunroom ideas that can really make this new space come to life.

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The Beach Look

There’s quite possibly nothing more soothing than the thought of beachside sunbathing with sand at your feet, which is why many homeowners opt to capture this feeling with their sunroom designs. Consider using a vibrant, sky-blue or ocean-teal painting scheme, accompanied by white window frames. Use some permanent decorations that can complement the paint’s aquatic tone, such as a corner basket full of seashells, starfish and sea biscuits propped on the mantle and tropical potted plants. These elements will instantly turn this new space into your home’s imaginary island getaway!

Cottage Design

If you’d rather build a sunroom that supports the rest of the home, consider going with a cottage design. This will likely have guests feeling comfortable and at home, as opposed to trying to convince themselves they’re somewhere else, like with the beach design. Implement a basic color scheme, making use of shades of white, gray, brown, tan and soft blues/greens. You have the option of using traditional wallpaper styles if you think the paint alone is too bland. Consider placing furniture props like an oak-wood coffee table and a couch with floral designs, not to mention real flowers. Use a carpet or rug that will make every guest and family member feel as if they are staying at a five-star hotel in the convenience of your home.

Conservatory Sunroom

If you’d rather use your sunroom to show off the natural beauty that surrounds your home, the conservatory design will most likely be your ticket for success. If you go this route, it’s important to take those natural elements into consideration during your planning phase. For example, if your sunroom is surrounded by gardens and greenery, go with an all-white room with a dome design. If you have an awe-inspiring mountain view in your backyard, use a lot of wood-carved furniture and panels to give the room a rustic look. In fact, there couldn’t be a better place to hang that deer antler chandelier! Sunrooms are convenient for a number of reasons, but some homeowners completely disregard the idea of adding one because of the fact that they are usually optional. However, there is one particular added benefit that can make this addition a worthwhile and rewarding decision: resale value! This room alone can be the one step required to get that high-paying buyer when it’s time to relocate. If you’re thinking about sunroom additions, be sure to consult with a contractor that you know you can trust, such as KC’s Improvement & Construction.


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