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Decks & Porches

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Building a Deck

deck building services in GreensboroWhether you need to replace an existing deck that just doesn’t seem to fit your home, or build a completely new addition, it’s important to consider a variety of deck ideas before building. From traditional wooden decks, to composite decking, to stone enclosures, homeowners have a variety of options to consider before they invest in a new addition. When starting the process of building your perfect deck, be sure to follow these 4 major steps.


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Consider the Landscape

When considering options for your deck or porch, don’t forget to consider the landscape and climate that affect your home. Observe the parts of your yard that the sunlight tends to illuminate during the course of the day, and consider the times you will most want to use the deck. If the area will almost never be in the shade during the day, you may want to consider adding an enclosure, a retractable ceiling, or even simple umbrellas. If unwanted pests such as mosquitoes are prevalent near your home during the warm summer months, you may even want to include a screened-in porch. An investment like this will not only make your home more comfortable and enjoyable place to live, but increase its resale value in the future.

Consider the Designs

While most contractors are able to conceive of a layout themselves, don’t be afraid to outline your goals for the project. Be specific about the appearance, color, shape, and size you’d like your deck to have—the more specific, the better. A professional contractor will appreciate any input you can give him or her about your expectations, and good communication will ensure that the deck is ultimately built to the specifications you had in mind.

Preview the Design

Once you’ve established what you want your deck to look like, consult with KC’s Improvement to determine the financial aspects of the project. Once you have established that the materials and size of the project are within your budget, our team will be able to create a professional, customized design for you. Make sure to check over the design to ensure that there are no mistakes or oversights that you would like to correct. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Time to Dig In

Finally, it’s up to the contractor to make the plan a reality. While we are undergoing the building process, we’ll be sure to keep up a steady line of communication. Don’t be too intimidated to offer any feedback you might have, especially if the design is not being realized in the way you anticipated. The earlier a concern is addressed, the easier it will be to fix. As our client, your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Ultimately, you will have a deck that’s an attractive, comfortable, enjoyable addition to your home. As long as you research your options, plan out your goals, and maintain consistent communications, you’ll end up with a smart investment in your home’s value and a wonderful place to build lasting memories.

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