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Do you have specific questions about KC’s Improvement?

We believe in transparency! Click below for some of the most common questions we get asked!

Questions about KC's Improvement

How long have you been in business?

KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. has been proudly serving the Piedmont Triad for over 30 years.  We are a family run business geared toward total customer satisfaction!

Are you licensed to work in North Carolina?

Absolutely!  We are a licensed General Contractor with the North Carolina Licensing Board of General Contractors. Our licenses are proudly displayed in our office and copy can be provided to any Client who requests it!  We always encourage our Clients and potential Clients to review the NC Board of General Contractors to verify a contractors license is in good standing. Click here to be directed to the Board’s website.  

Does KC’s belong to any professional organizations or have special certifications?

Yes! We love being part of the community we are privileged to serve! Not only are we a member of the North Carolina Licensing Board of General Contractors (NCLBGC), but we are also proud members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), Greensboro Builders Association (GBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). We are proud of our special certifications as well!  We are Certified Lead Renovators with the North Carolina Division of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) and Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS).  If your home has lead that needs to be removed or you want to learn how we can help you age-in-place in your current home be sure to reach out to us!

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes! Part of the requirements to be a licensed General Contractor in the State of North Carolina requires maintaining insurance.  KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. holds General Liability, Commercial Automobile, Workers Compensation and Umbrella coverage. We can provide a Certificate of Insurance to any Client who requests it! We always encourage our Clients and potential Clients to request a certificate of insurance from any Contractor who performs work for you.  It is one of the best pieces of protection for your home during a remodel.  Never use a contractor who is unwilling to provide you documentation of their insurance coverage.

Do you have references?

Absolutely.  We have testimonials on our website so you can see some of the great things our previous Clients have said!  We take our Client’s privacy seriously.  Because of that we will request that a potential Client firm up their commitment to building with KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. prior to providing telephone contact of a past Client with a similar project.

Where can I see pictures of your past work?

We want to share all the beautiful things we have built!  You can view many of our past projects on our website and social media profiles. Click here to be taken to our Project Gallery Page! Whether you need some inspiration or just want to see what KC’s can do, this is the spot for you!

Do you offer financing?

If you are searching for a cost effective way to finance your remodel project we have solutions that can help fit every budget!  Click here to review all of our financing options! 

Want to know what remodeling with KC’s looks like?

We want our Client’s to know how we work!  From questions about your daily interaction with our team to questions about your customer portal! We know the key to a successful remodel is setting up expectations before we break ground!  Check out some questions about our remodeling process and how working with KC’s will keep you in the loop every step of the way!

Questions about Our Process

What should I expect before, during and after construction?

You should expect quick and courteous service.  You should expect regular communication with every member of your project team.  You should expect us to act professional at all times and respect your property as it is our own.  We take the time to set up your project on the front end to minimize interruptions and to enable us to have a successful build.

What is this customer portal that KC’s clients use?

Ah! So glad you asked!  KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. believes in transparency from start to finish.  One of the ways we provide that to our Clients is by providing our Client’s with a customer portal.  The Customer Portal allows you login from your desktop, tablet or mobile device and access every piece of information important to you project.  Whether you want to view daily logs and pictures of activity that has happened on your project, view your contract balance, find out what calendar items are next, or communicate with your project team about questions or change orders your customer portal will allow you unprecedented access to everything related to your project.  Want to know more about our Customer Portal, drop us a line and we’d be happy to give you a tour!

Will I be kept informed about the progress of my project?

Absolutely. We will provide you with access to your customer portal and the cell phone and email of your Project Manager and Project Assistant.  Your project team will update your customer portal daily with a log of daily activities, pictures, to-do’s, questions and comments, and anything else pertinent to your project.  We make it a point to ensure that our clients have an idea of where their projects stand every day.  Our project team will also communicate with you through the customer portal. This ensures that you have access to all communication regarding your project without having to dig through your email to locate important details.  From selections to scope of work documents you will know what to expect day to day.

Do you use subcontractors?

The long and short answer is, it depends on the scope of work.  KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. employs a full staff of working carpenters.  In North Carolina, it is common for a General Contractor to subcontractor trade work.  Trade work such as electrical, HVAC and plumbing require a licensed trade person to pull the appropriate permits and most General Contractors will use subcontractors to perform this type of work.  KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. will always use subcontractors who are licensed to perform the work we are hiring them to do and as our Client you will be introduced to any worker that will be on your property by a member of KC’s team.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

Your project team will be available for emergencies at all times.  Should an emergency arise you should call a member of your project team immediately.  While we do our best to ensure that no disasters happen, we live in an imperfect world and from time to time issues may arise.  Rest assured, we will be on top of any issue that does happen and remedy it immediately.  We are the professionals and we know our Client’s are looking to us to provide them with guidance when the unexpected happens.  We will treat any issue with the respect and urgency it deserves.

Are you planning on remodeling and have general questions?

Being informed from the beginning is best!  We know remodeling can be stressful.  We’ve taken the guess work out of getting ready for a remodel?  Do you want to know if you should move out or maybe if you can do some of the work yourself?  We’ve got all your answers below!

General Project Questions

How much will my remodel cost?

No two remodels are the same, because of that, a one price fits all model does not work.  Your investment into your remodel will depend on your selections, materials you decide to use, and your actual scope of work.  We have developed a rough project calculator to get an idea of how much you should anticipate investing in your project.  Click here to view our project cost guideline then give us a call to schedule your estimate appointment!

How long does a typical remodel project take?

Remodeling and renovations are so different identifying a time frame before understanding the scope of work would be irresponsible.  As our Client, prior to the start of your job, you will be provided a full calendar of anticipated events.  This will detail what work should be performed each week and should give you a fairly good indication of when you can expect to have your home back in working order. From our experience generally you can anticipate a typical bathroom remodel to take 2-3 weeks, a typical kitchen remodel to take 5-8 weeks and a typical addition to take 8-12 weeks.

Will my family need to move out of our home during construction?

Renovations can take weeks and sometimes months.  Noisy tools, dust and crews should be expected on a regular basis during your remodel.  Some minor projects can disrupt your daily routine as well.  While KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. takes every precaution to minimize your daily interruptions only you can identify if your family will need to move out. Most renovations and remodels can be accomplished while your family stays put and KC’s Team will make every effort to ensure that stays feasible.

Can I provide my own materials?

Items such as vanities, light fixtures, bath fixtures etc. you are welcome to supply your own materials.  In our experience, customers who handle them on their own typically experience some delays that impact the timing of the job.  Client provided materials are not warrantied by KC’s Improvement & Construction Co.  As professionals in remodeling, our guidance and network of suppliers and vendors are generally preferred.

Speaking of warranties, what is KC’s Warranty?

KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. absolutely warranties our work.  We will never leave a Client unhappy.  We guarantee, in writing, that construction performed at your home is free from workmanship defects due to noncompliance with the performance standards referenced and incorporated into our limited warranty for a period of one year from the date of substantial completion.  All manufacturers warranties are passed through to our Client!

What about design? I am not sure what I want my remodel to look like yet…

As a full design-build company we can handle designing your space! We offer design contracts to our Client’s.  A design contract can be as simple as floor plan development or as detailed as a set of architectural plans.  Maybe you just need help making selections?  We can help you there too!  We have a preferred network of suppliers who help give our Clients guidance picking out any selection. Contact us today to find out more about our design process.

I am looking for a specific product.  Can you install it?

Yes! We work with specialty products everyday.  Whether you want specialty composite decking like Trex, EZE Breeze or Screeneze windows for your sunroom, or Schluter-Kerdi shower systems, KC’s has the knowledge and experience to install these specialty products and ensure they meet the manufacturers recommendations!

Is your new bathroom remodel leaving you with questions?

Having one of the most important rooms in your home in disarray can be scary! Check out some of the most common questions we get about bathroom remodeling.  Want to know what a curbless shower is? Wondering if you can make your small bathroom feel larger? We’ve got all your must have answers before you remodel!

Questions about Bathroom Remodels

Do I need a bathtub in my home?

We hear this question everyday!  The tub/shower combination remains the standard in the industry because of its flexibility of dual use.  With the aging population, climbing into a tub can create dangers that a curbless (or universal design) shower can eliminate.  Generally speaking, if you have multiple bathrooms, you should keep at least one tub in one of them.  A home without a tub can affect the re-sale value.  Some recent polls indicate that 50% of buyers are not concerned whether a home has a tub or not, 50% of people, especially those with young children, find it to be a problem. Whatever way you decide, having a tub is a very personal decision.  Whether you want that deep soaker tub to soak off the troubles of the day, or the idea of a nice steamy shower after a long day seems to be right up your alley KC’s can help you achieve your dream!

What is a curbless shower?

Curbless showers are all the rage right now!  As a popular trend, many of our Client’s are interested in knowing the pros and cons of installing a curbless shower.  A curbless shower, commonly referred to as a walk-in shower, have many advantages.  They provide universal functionality from young children to grandparents, the are easier to clean, the eliminate the cost and hassle of a shower door and they are aesthetically appealing.  With very little disadvantages, it is not wonder that curbless showers are a popular trend that we do not see disappearing anytime soon! Want to see some of the curbless showers we have installed?  Click here to check out some of our past client’s bathroom remodels! 

Does my bathroom need more ventilation?

The primary purpose of a bathroom fan is to remove the moisture out of the bathroom.  Bathroom fans also help to control and remove bathroom odors. Having proper bathroom ventilation is crucial to ensuring the long-term health of your newly remodeled bathroom.  When we come out and assess your scope of work we will identify the need for an upgrade on your current bathroom ventilation and communicate that to you!

Are there ways to make my small bathroom feel larger?

If your budget doesn’t allow for a drastic change in the layout of your bathroom there are multiple ways to make a smaller bathroom more user friendly and appear larger. Playing with white colors can make an immediate impact on the look.  White on white will give you the immediate appearance of a more spacious space.  It also helps reflect light rather than absorbing it.  Speaking of lighting, a good lighting set up can make any space look big and open.  A large mirror to help reflect the light and elongate the space will also help make a smaller bathroom appear roomier. Floating vanities are another great way to maximize space.  Having a little peak at the flooring under the vanity can make the space feel more open it it also helps to have a little more space to plant your feet. You can even use a glass shower panel to help increase visibility throughout the space.  The glass will make the room look larger and can make the room much more visually appealing.  If you are worried about privacy with glass, do not worry, frosted or tinted glass panels help with privacy while still minimizing that claustrophobic feel.

Is it better to replace or refinish my bathtub and shower tile?

We get this question a lot, unfortunately this is really a personal choice.  Refinishing a tub can reduce the cost of your bathroom remodel significantly.  Properly maintained, a refinished bathtub can last another 20 years.  You can also refinish your ceramic tile. It can be much more affordable than replacing and is equally as durable and beautiful. The option to refinish or replace is yours. As our client, we will guide you on the best option for your project and your budget.

What type of tile can I use on my bathroom floor and shower?

With every option on the market now, selecting a bathroom floor or shower tile can be exhausting.  For the last 30 years, we have been cultivating our relationships with a variety of vendors, to provide our Clients with hands-on assistance when it comes to making tile selections.  There are so many factors to consider when selecting the perfect tile for you.  Regardless of the size, shape, type or color a good tile for shower floors is slip-resistant, relatively impervious to water and sized appropriately for the space and the slope of the shower pan.  The selection of shower tiles is unlimited.  Whether you are looking for that subway tile shower, a rock tile look or glass tile shower our Clients can feel confident that KC’s Improvement & Construction is up to the task of designing and implementing that must have look for your bathroom!

How long does a double sink vanity need to be?

You’ll spend a lot of time at your bathroom vanity. Before selecting a single or double vanity you should think about your morning routine.  Are you a teeth brushed, hair combed out the door kind of person? Do you have a long beauty regime that requires ample space and multiple outlets? How many people will be using this bathroom at one time? Single sink vanities should be a minimum of 30 inches but 36-48 inches is much more comfortable.  You can squeeze two sinks into a 60 inch vanity but 72 inches is definitely preferred.  With a variety of vanities, whether you need that narrow vanity to maximize your space or you want enough space to keep all your bathroom necessities within arms reach, we can help you identify the style that will work best for you and your family.

Is your kitchen in need of new life but you have some questions?

Your kitchen should be the focal point of your house! Wondering how you can achieve that open floor concept to help you host wonderful dinner parties?  Wondering whether you should choose granite, marble or some other type of counter top?  Check out some answers to common kitchen remodeling questions below!

Questions about Kitchen Remodels

What does it take to create an open concept kitchen floor plan?

So you love to entertain? Want to talk to your family or guests while you prepare a meal? The options are endless!  Creating an open concept kitchen floor plan can make your home feel larger, improve the flow of light throughout the common areas and increase the time your family gets to spend together.  Achieving that open floor plan can be involved.  Removal of walls usually requires an engineered beam to help support the load of your roof and eliminating flooring transitions can require a new floor. Choosing the right kitchen cabinets, whether its a mix of traditional cabinets and open shelving to make the room more welcoming or selecting a layout that includes a breakfast bar or island can help you achieve the look you want without sacrificing storage space.

Can I reuse my kitchen cabinets?

Absolutely.  A lot of our customers love the look of their original cabinets.  There are a lot of options to update the look of your cabinets.  You can refinish your cabinet boxes, add new hardware, install invisible hinges and even install new doors.  You can achieve a whole new look at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.  We can help you identify the best options for your remodel and budget, just give us a call!

Do all my kitchen cabinets need to be the same style and color?

Not at all!  A particularly hot trend right now is mixing cabinet colors and designs.  Changing the colors and materials of cabinets can create a more custom look and if done right, colors and styles can compliment each other.  Maybe you like black island cabinets paired with warm wood-tone wall cabinets, or the gray and white style to keep the traditional feel with a contemporary vibe.  There are so many options and our trained staff can help you match your exact wants.  Every kitchen is so unique adding this mixture of style and color can help your once “too matchy” cabinets look like your dream gourmet kitchen.

Can I add a gas stove to an all-electric home?

Absolutely. And vice-versa.  We’ve had many Clients purchase a new home and desire the opposite stove than what currently exists.  Changing an electric stove to a gas stove is fairly simple, but requires a licensed electrician and plumber.  Gas stoves are sometimes referred to as “dual fuel” meaning they require both electric (to power the clock and igniter) and gas to power the gas cook tops.  The option is yours and it can be quite economical when pairing with a kitchen remodel!

What type of kitchen counter tops are best?

There are so many options for kitchen counter tops and the type will depend on the look you are going for, how busy your kitchen is and your budget. Quartz – If you are looking for a stone look with less maintenance quartz is a great option. It mimics the look of stone but can stand up to hot pots, serrated knives and abrasive pads.  We suggest using rounded edges as quartz edges and corners can chip but a rounded edge tends to eliminate this potential problem. Granite – Talk about unique.  Every piece of granite has its own unique color and is pretty good at standing up against heat, cuts and scratches.  Granite needs periodic resealing to fend off any stains so if maintenance is not your thing, we would suggest you avoid a granite top. Soapstone, Limestone & Marble – While these options might not be as popular as Granite or Quartz they have superior heat resistance.  Small scratches can be repaired easily by the homeowner.  Limestone also has that same natural-stone look without heavy veining or graining. Soapstone, limestone and marble have a similar drawback to granite and quartz in regards to chipping and marble is not going to resist heat well. Laminate – If you are on a budget, laminate is inexpensive, easy to install and today’s laminate can mimic a lot of natural materials.  Stain and heat typically don’t damage higher end laminates but cutting on laminate will permanently damage the surface, so be sure to use a cutting board. Solid Surfacing – Again, these can be budget conscious but are a higher quality than laminate.  With a variety of color and patterns, homeowners have endless options to match the look they want.  Solid surfacing tops can create a seamless looks because joints are almost invisible.  Solid surfacing is resistant to most staining and small nicks and scratches can be repaired.  Like laminate, you need a cutting board because it scratches and cuts easily. Recycled Glass – Looking for a contemporary look that is also ecofriendly?  This is your option.  Large shards of glass can give you a fun and contemporary look, while finely ground glass makes it look less busy.  Most glass counter tops are stain, cut, scratch and heat resistant.  High acid content foods can stain the top, harsh chemicals if not fully removed can mar the surface and while it is reasonably strong, if a lot of weight is placed on a corner, it has the potential to crack. Butcher Block – For the true country kitchen, this option is for you!  The warmth that it adds, its ease of installation and repair are all pros to selecting this counter top.  You can finish it in a variety of stains to match the look you are going for.  While butcher block is not particularly stain resistant a good varnish can improve its resistance.  Nicks and scratches can occur easily, but they are easily sanded out by the homeowner. Concrete Counter tops – If you think concrete is only for your driveway, think again.  If you like the industrial yet rustic appearance concrete counter tops are a great option for you.  The customizable options are endless.  Concrete counter tops can become any shape and practically any color.  It is heat and scratch resistant.  Concrete counter tops require regular sealing.  It is porous in nature and light colors can show blemishes easily.

Where is the best place to put a microwave?

The classic kitchen work triangle organizes traffic from the fridge to the sink to the stove, in an attempt to make cooking and preparing meals flow smoothly. Some people chose to have the microwave below the counter top.  This allows you to avoid taking up counter top space. You can integrate it into your cabinetry.  You can customize the height for best reachability but if it is too far away from a counter top, a hot plate can quickly create some danger. Maybe you don’t even want to see the microwave.  You can easily hide it in a spare cabinet.  Similar to an integrated style, you can put the microwave at a convenient height, yet keep it out of eye sight. A common location is above the range.  In limited space, it can act as your range hood to do double duty and save you some space. If the microwave is too high, reaching and seeing in it can be difficult for families with small children. Putting the microwave in the island is a great option. It saves counter top space, keeps the microwave out of sight, ensure ease of use for all in the family.  It might not be a good option for those who have trouble bending or those aging-in-place.

Need to add to your homes current footprint?

Maybe you are a car guru and you need some room for all your cars?  Want to add a new office addition?  Maybe your family is growing and you need another bedroom? At KC’s we can help your current home grow with you and your needs! We know it’s all about location, location, location.  Check out some of our most frequently asked questions regarding adding more square footage to your home!

Questions about Garages, Additions & Other Conversions

What should I consider when building a garage?

If you are looking for a simple 1 car garage or if you are considering a full multi-car garage with a finished space above there are many things you should consider during your planning phase.  Are you looking to get some additional storage? How about electrical? Do you want many options for lights around the new space?  Do you want the roof design to match your current home? Does it need to be insulated for climate control?  These are just a few things among the many to consider.  Our design experts can help you identify all your must haves and will walk you through the entire process from concept to completion. Give us a call today and let us help you build your dream garage!

Do I need a permit to have a garage built?

Absolutely! Not only is this mandatory in all counties, it helps protect you from substandard workmanship and ensures your safety with all proper inspections being performed by a 3rd party.  Furthermore, any work done to your home without a permit cannot be listed for tax value should you ever consider selling your property.  Never work with a contractor that advises a permit is not required!

How long will it take to build my garage?

With so many different sizes and options it would be irresponsible for us to quote a time frame without understanding your scope fully.  Style, size, complexity of roof, access to the space, finish level will all help determine the time frame.  Our team will provide you a full, detailed schedule prior to commencement with a tentative start and finish date. Our experience is a typical 24×24 2 car garage with vinyl siding typically takes an average of 60 days.

What size garage should I build?

This is a personal preference.  Do you have multiple cars you want to cover?  Are you looking for additional storage or living space?  How large is the lot you are looking to build on? What is your budget?  Regardless of the answers to these questions, our design professionals can help identify the perfect size for you and your family and will work diligently to meet your budgetary expectations!

I want a custom garage, can you do it?

We LOVE custom garages!  The options for garage styles are limitless.  Whether you are looking for a detached style, attached, dutch barn style, breezeway attached, garage workshop or carport, KC’s can help make your dreams come true.  Our design professionals can help you identify what works best for your property and will help guide you from start to finish for all your custom needs!

Should I choose a detached or attached garage?

That is a great question.  There are a few advantages and disadvantages to each option. Check out our helpful tips below. Attached Garages are extremely convenient.  Whether you want a smooth, covered transition from your car to your home, or maybe you want a laundry area inside the garage, having an attached garage can make movement through your house much more seamless.  One thing to consider when adding an attached garage, especially to an older home, is whether the aesthetic of the new garage will match your existing property.  Is the same siding available? Can the paint be matched or does the entire property need to be repainted to help the two blend seamlessly? Unattached Garages also have many advantages.  Gases from cars or stored items will not be able to enter the home. You will still need to ensure the garage has adequate ventilation, but you don’t have the worry that combustion gases or fumes are entering your home. A detached garage can help minimize sounds from the garage, whether it be used as a workshop for cars or carpentry, or to play a musical instrument, having it separate from the home can help ensure the noise is separate. Also, if you are considering adding a patio or expanding the garage one day, you will have more flexibility to do so.

I need more space in my home, are there zoning restrictions to consider?

If you are considering adding space to your home in the form of an addition you should consider some of the rules that many municipalities have regarding where you can build.  Although local zoning laws will vary from area to area, you are generally not allowed to build anything within 10 feet of the side property line.  Consider easements, height restrictions, how much of your lot can be covered with impermeable materials and so much more.  If you work with KC’s we will do the background work for you to determine how we can help maximize your addition and ensure that you can continue to stay in the neighborhood or home you’ve loved for years!

I want to see what my addition will look like before I build it, can you help?

Absolutely, we have a dedicated team of design professionals to help you design your space as you envision it.  We will help you visualize your space, ensure you have adding everything from your must-haves list, and will identify any areas that need work before we break ground so you can feel confident that your new space will meet all of your expectations.  Give us a call today and we will get you set up with one of our design consultants!

How long will it take for my addition to be built?

Again, we pride ourselves on our consistency and ability to keep your project moving forward timely.  With so many different sizes and options, quoting a time frame before understanding your scope would be irresponsible.  However, in our past experience a typical addition usually requires 3 months for completion.

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