Renovating your own home can be a thrilling journey. The changes are all up to you, whether you’re adding wall-to-floor glass panels, repainting the walls, or even adding a whole new wing to your home. Our previous blog post discussed a Sunroom Addition as one of the more affordable ways to increase your square footage. The best part is that you can utilize this for anything! Whether it’s a breakfast nook, office, or guest bedroom, a sunroom is a great way to transform your home.

While the prospect of a major renovation is undoubtedly exciting, any change takes a lot of work and planning. It’s important to understand the nuances of contemporary design and explore diverse possibilities for your living space. The best way to do this? Doing your research. Below, we list four must-visit resources that will assist you in modernizing your home.

Unveiling the latest trends with blogs

Many home improvement blogs are curated by industry professionals, interior designers, and experienced DIY enthusiasts. They showcase emerging trends, styles, and color palettes, helping homeowners stay ahead of the curve. Beyond our own blog at KCS Improvement, you can check out the blog posts on Old Town Home. This is run by “insane DIYers,” Alex and Wendy Santantonio. The couple rehauled their first house bought in early 2003, a historic Old Town row house that was first built in 1886, and have since started sharing accessible tips on DIY renovations in their blog. The personal experiences of the Santantonios additionally lend a unique understanding of the potential pitfalls of some older homes in Alexandria.

Expanding your knowledge with ebooks

Similar to blogs, ebooks tend to be authored by experts in the field of architecture and home improvement. This specialized expertise ensures that readers receive professional insights and advice. You can simply type “modern home transformation” in the selection of ebooks from digital library Everand to find books like Making Midcentury Modern by acclaimed interior designer Christopher Kennedy or Rustic Modern by design writer Chase Reynolds Ewald and photographer Audrey Hall. You can also access curated recommendations made via editor expertise and machine learning on the platform, which ensure that readers are always on top of the latest trends.

Trending pins on Pinterest

Before the latest visualization tools like VR glasses or AutoCAD and Unreal Engine, image sharing service and digital platform Pinterest stood out as a pioneer source of distributing information. It was this platform that allowed interior design trends to spread faster. Today, you can still use Pinterest to create boards and pin images that resonate with your vision. Explore trending pins in categories like “Modern Living Rooms” and “Sleek Kitchen Designs” to gather ideas for every corner of your space. Pinterest allows you to visualize your dream home to show your chosen contracting firm later or discover DIY projects that fit your skill level.

Bite-sized inspiration on TikTok

TikTok has taken the world by storm with its short, engaging videos, and the home improvement community is no exception. The #DIY page on TikTok boasted a staggering 229.6 billion views in 2022, playing a key role in shaping trends and evolving into a treasure trove of creative ideas. You can use the app to explore a combination of multiple design themes, such as organic meeting modern or farmhouse merging with modern elements, which was particularly popularized by Boston-based DIY expert Julie Sousa of @the_avantgarde. You can also look into niche projects like the creation of spa-like bathrooms, with Julie Sousa’s viral bathroom revamp garnering over 2.1 million views.

Transforming your home from dated to modern has never been more accessible. After exploring these must-visit resources, give us a call at KC’s Improvement & Construction Co., Inc. With a free in-home consultation, we can ensure your dream modern home becomes a tangible and exciting reality.

Article written by Reesa John

Exclusively for KC’s Improvement & Construction Co., Inc.