“In early Spring I attended the Home Show at the GSO Coliseum seeking a good, honest, and interested home renovation firm that would help us with a sagging kitchen floor. My third stop was KC Improvement & Construction Co. I was impressed with the nicely done home displays and with Tim Jackowicz, the company’s Senior Estimator. I briefly explained the kitchen floor problem. Tim was obviously familiar with similar kitchen problems.

I told him I would call him within a couple of days with a request to look at the job. He was at our home the next day. After a thorough look at the floor Tim immediately said it would be required to have the job inspected by a structural engineer (required by the city). Even tho I knew this step would be a added cost, I was impressed that this was a first step and most important, I would be working with a person that I could trust. I say this because another person who looked at the job did not mention an engineer at all.I was very impressed with the engineer that Tim recommended we use. The report that he gave Tim and a copy to me was very thorough. Likewise, the plan given us by Tim for his work was very professional, including Plans and Permits, materials to be used, and cleanup.
All of the work was done in the crawl space of the home. I did crawl under the home to look at the finished work, and feel very confident that a good job was done. I base this on discussions with Tim Jackowicz, the structural engineer, and the very capable crew that did the job, plus the floor feels much more solid.
Overall, we are totally pleased with KC Improvement & Construction Co. We would definitely recommend this company be considered for necessary home repair.”