Now that summer is winding down, it’s a great time to knock any long overdue home projects and renovations off your to-do list. Whether you’re looking to make better use of your garage or elevate your bathroom experience, KC’s Improvement & Construction Co. can help you get the job done. Here’s five renovation projects that can help homeowners prepare their spaces in time for fall.

Outdoor Spaces

Backyard renovations and updates to your landscaping are a great way to elevate your outdoor space and add value to your home. The end of summer is a great time to embrace the changing season and create a space that lets you spend more time outdoors. From traditional wooden decks to composite decking, or stone enclosures, there are a variety of options to consider before investing in a new addition, repair, or upgrade. When planning your outdoor renovations, think about the bigger picture and decide how you want to use that space. Upgrades like the Sundance Louvered Roof System or a deck build, are a great way to make the outdoors an inviting retreat all year long. When your project’s complete, add another boost to your property value with landscaping enhancements that complement the aesthetic of your space while also providing sustainable functionality.

Kitchen Remodels

Tackling an end-of-summer kitchen remodel can make a significant difference in the way you view your home by improving both the visual appeal and functionality of the space. It’s a great opportunity to get your remodeling done in time for holiday hosting and celebrations. Not to mention, kitchen remodels have a huge return on your investment, with homeowners recouping 85.7% of the cost, according to Bankrate. Whether you’re interested in cabinet upgrades, countertop replacements, flooring updates, or a more complex project, we have the expertise to make it a reality. We can also handle putting on an addition if you need to expand your home’s footprint to accommodate the kitchen remodel you have in mind.

Garage Additions and Updates

Having a garage on your property comes with many benefits, like added storage solutions, a dedicated workspace, and a place to park your car away from the elements. Planning a garage build or renovation can optimize your property, provide more organization, and add curb appeal. It’s a smart move if you’re thinking of selling your home in the future. If you’ve been considering adding a garage to your house, the end of summer is a great time to get started. Not sure how a garage would look on your property? Take a look at our garage gallery to see some examples of our past projects.

Energy-Efficient Window Installation

Windows are an important feature of any house by providing light, air, sound, and character to a home. But, if your property has an outdated window system, you’re missing out on the many benefits modern replacement windows can offer. Window replacements can not only enhance the ambiance of your living spaces but also create a sanctuary that perfectly suits the upcoming fall season. Updating or replacing your windows is a great way to boost your energy efficiency. Installing energy-efficient windows can lower your energy bills, increase your home’s insulation, and improve comfort by reducing dust or allergens. With many window options to choose from, our team can help you bring your ideas to life and help you with all your installation questions and considerations.

Bathroom Upgrades

The end-of-summer is the ideal time for bathroom renovations because the weather’s not too hot or too cold. Bathroom upgrades like tile replacements, fixture upgrades, and custom renovations are all exciting ways to transform arguably the most important room of the house. When it comes to plumbing, it’s better to not go the DIY route because it can increase the chance of project mishaps. Plus, if your bathroom has outdated piping and heating, there’s chance construction materials were made with products that contain asbestos. When exposed to asbestos, it can lead to serious health problems like mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases. Outside of hazardous materials, it can be easy to incorrectly install a pipe or connection, which could lead to water damage and disaster down the road. It’s better to leave those jobs to the professionals, which is why our team is always available for your consultation needs to help you build the bathroom of your dreams.

The end of the summer means the days are getting shorter—So, take all those overdue renovation plans and make them a reality by calling us today! We can help you take care of all your planning and budgeting needs with our thorough design and consultation process. Take the first step towards your dream project today and let us bring your vision to life. Book a consultation now and unlock new possibilities for your home!