Most people want to walk into an oasis or spa-like setting when they walk into the bathroom inside their home. If you want the same thing, but have given up completely, we are going to show you that you can still have the bathroom of your dreams! 

Here are 4 features to incorporate into your bathroom remodel, so you can finally enjoy the bathroom of your dreams:

Lots of Space

You are going to want to do whatever you can to create the amount of space you want and crave inside your dream bathroom. As you are looking for more space, you may want to consider stealing a little from a nearby room or simply putting an addition on your home. 

Amazing Finishes

Nothing says elegance and luxury more than some of the amazing finishes that are now available. Consider granite for your countertops and a rose gold, matte black, satin nickel, or chrome for your fixtures. 

Luxurious Details

In today’s world, bathrooms are supposed to feel like spas, so you are going to want to include as many luxurious details as possible. Consider adding chromotherapy lights to your soaker tub and shower, while also adding multiple showerheads and a steam option to the shower area only. A heated towel rack or warming drawer is perfect for when you climb out of the tub, while radiant heated floors will keep your feet from getting cold. To really make this room stand apart from the rest, you may want to incorporate a sitting area, a fireplace, mini-refrigerator, and coffee bar too. 

All the Latest in Technology

Technology is the way to go nowadays, so bring it all into your newly remodeled bathroom! Put a television in your shower or over your tub, turn your mirror into a computer screen, listen to music through a Bluetooth speaker, and have the water turn on to a specific temperature in the shower before you even climb out of bed. All this and more is possible for your dream bathroom!

You do not need to live with a so-so bathroom any longer, so start planning your dream bathroom today and make sure that you include all the features above. We know that you will have more ideas during the planning stages too, so do not be afraid to share those with us, so we can finally get you the bathroom of your dreams!