How big is your kitchen? Massive? Smaller than small? An okay size, but smaller than you would like? 

Everyone seems to have an opinion on their kitchen and while you may think that one kitchen is large, another person may look at that same kitchen and think that it is really small. 

There isn’t always something that you can do with the size of your kitchen, but there is something that you can do with how you utilize the space inside it! 

Here are 4 easy tips for maximizing your kitchen space:

Create Extra Space

This is where you may be thinking that we are nuts, because how can you create extra space inside a kitchen without tearing down the walls and starting fresh! However, there are many ways that you can create new space inside your kitchen. We recommend purchasing a cover for your sink, so you can chop vegetables and prepare meals on top of it, like it is an extra countertop. You can also place burner covers on top of your stove and place a tray on top when you are entertaining. You may even want to consider constructing a table that folds down to the wall, that you can use only when you need it and it is tucked away the rest of the time. 

Think Vertically

There is only so much that you can store in places that are easily accessible, but if you consider your vertical options, you will be amazed at how much more space you truly have! Consider hanging your pots and pans from a pegboard over your stove and using a magnetic rack for knives and spices. 

Install Bookcases

Bookcases may take up wall space, but if you place them strategically enough, you will not find them in your way. We recommend choosing small bookcases because they are narrower. However, they also offer a ton of storage! While you may think that you can use them for your cookbooks, we also recommend getting one for your pots and pans, dishes, storage containers, baskets filled with towels and tablecloths, and even food. 

Install More Lighting

There was a time when it was popular to install only one light in a kitchen but that means that there were always dark corners. If you want to make your kitchen look larger, and be capable of using every inch of space, we recommend installing more lighting. Under the cabinet lighting will allow you to meal prep easier, while track lighting can brighten up the spaces you use the most. 

These four tips will easily allow you to maximize the space inside your kitchen and we are sure that as you are completing these, you will find a few other options that will work well for you. We recommend that you do as many as you can, because then you can say that you have a kitchen that finally has enough storage and works the way that you want it to!