When you think of improving your health, you likely focus on your eating, sleeping and exercise routines.  However, did you know that your home lays a significant role in your physical health, too?  According to research, your indoor air quality significantly affects your well-being.  Discover some ways to create a healthier home with our tips, from simple habits to home renovations, in this article presented by KC’s Improvement & Construction.

Simple Fixtures

By incorporating some easy practices into your everyday routine, you can create healthy living spaces.

Choose Cleaning Products Wisely

Many household cleaning supplies contain hazardous ingredients that can contribute to health problems.  Purchase safer products or make your own all-natural cleaning agents.

Open Your Windows

Let fresh air circulate through your home in Greensboro whenever you can.  Outdoor air flushes out pollutants that accumulate inside, creating ventilation for a healthier atmosphere.

Dust Your Blinds

Many people overlook this cleaning task, allowing dust to settle on the window coverings.  This problem can aggravate respiratory problems, asthma and allergies.

Change Your Air Filters

Replace the air filters in your heating and air conditioning unit every two to three months to keep allergens, dust and other particles out of your air.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

Make your health a top priority with these DIY home improvement projects.

Build a Water Filter

Keep your water clean by making a whole-home filtration system.  With some basic plumbing skills, you can build a filter that removes contaminants from your water and improves your family’s health.

Keep Pests Out

Rodents and insects carry disease-causing organisms and bacteria that can cause you to become ill.  Clean up the clutter that encourages them to gather in your house.  Seal any gaps around windows, attic openings and roofing to prevent these pests from coming inside.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpet traps dust mites, food particles, allergens, bacteria and mold in its fibers.  You can fire professional cleaners or skip the expense by cleaning your carpet with dish soap, baking soda, cleaning rags or brushes and a bucket.

Professional Improvements

Hire professionals to renovate areas of your home for optimal health benefits.  Use the equity in your home and access a cash-out refinance option to get the money necessary for essential improvements.  This finding method involves replacing your existing mortgage with a new, larger loan.  You can use the resulting cash difference to pay for healthy changes to your house.

Proper Venting in Your Kitchen

You may not realize that your stovetop produces pollutants that contaminate the air in your home.  Remodel your kitchen to include a ducted hood above your stove that vents polluted air, particulate matter and chemicals outside.

Replace Your Flooring

Add hardwood floors in some areas of your home to reduce the accumulation of animal dander, dust and mold.  New flooring minimizes your allergy and respiratory symptoms.

Add more Natural Light

Renovate your home to include more windows.  Sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D, lowers blood pressure, prevents disease and fatigue, supports bone health, and reduces the risk of depression.

Reduce Radon Levels

Test for radon in your house every two years.  If the levels in your home are high, hire a qualified contractor to identify the problem and suggest the proper solution.

You spend much of your time in your home.  You can create a healthier living environment by changing your daily routines, tackling DIY projects, or investing in more extensive home improvements.  Your happiness and health benefit when you live in a healthy home.